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Gifts, Benefits and Donations Register Under the Local Government Act 1993 (Act), the General Manager is required to keep a register of the gifts and donations that have been received by Councillors.

For the purposes of the Act, Regulation 29A of the Local Government (General) Regulations 2015 specifies the following classes of gifts or donations that must be recorded in the Register:

  • an item, service, loan of money, loan of property or any other benefit with a monetary value of $50 or more,
  • an item, service or other benefit that is part of a series of gifts or donations received by a Councillor from the same donor, where the aggregate monetary value of the series of gifts or donations in a financial year is $50 or more.

Under the Act the General Manager is to ensure that the Register is available on Council’s website and is updated at least monthly.Gifts, Benefits and Donations Register – Last Update – 1 July 2023.