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Central Highlands Council seek the services of a Business Advisory Consultant to help the organisation to develop and implement strategies that promote sustainability, expansion, and stability. The provider of these services must be able to handle different business-related aspects in the Local Government environment by identifying the organisation strengths, overcome weaknesses, and develop strategies that can boost growth within the Municipality.

They will develop a submission for Future of Local Government Review Stage 3 and collate feedback on the Central and Midlands Community Catchment Pack and/or an alternative option.
Council requires immediate research, scoping, analysis on our shared services, partnerships, options to improve local services, how to keep jobs in local communities, and be financially sustainable without boundary changes, major structural or a municipal merger.

Due to the short timeframe, applicants will need to be received by COB Monday 10 July 2023 and must be available for an interview on 12 July 2023.

For further details on the purpose, scope and output of the engagement, please contact Adam Wilson on 03 6286 3202 or

Kim Hossack General Manager