15 and 16 October 1822 – 2022

The Bothwell Bicentennial is a colonial event to commemorate the 200th anniversary and history of the settlement of the township of Bothwell in the Central Highlands.

We respect and recognise the traditional custodians of this land, the Tasmanian Aboriginal people, whose many families still live in Bothwell.

The festival will be held across the weekend 15 – 16 October 2022.

Those attending are invited to wear traditional costumes from their homelands or be inspired by the romanticism period.

Bothwell has a rich history of Scottish and Irish ancestry.

Mayor Loueen Triffitt is a proud local born at Mrs Goggins’s residence in Bothwell and holds a strong family history like many of Bothwell’s local families who will share their stories publicly over the weekend celebrations.

The Bothwell Bicentennial celebration has a fantastic program with must-see events such as rabbit tanning, fly fishing, blacksmithing and convict bonnet making workshops, Bothwell Banter covering topics such as the Bothwell Literacy Society, rabbits, Grote Reber, Aberdeen Angus, architecture, farming diversification, whisky making and International Spin in, as well as the Rabbits Rabbits Bloody Rabbits lunch  at Ratho on Sunday featuring renowned chef Analiese Gregory and several local whisky distillers, an Emily Sanzaro Celtic inspired recital on Saturday afternoon, a human library, and tours to surrounding Waddamana and Steppes to name a few and will showcase a timeline over the 200 years of settlement.

Farmers, shepherds, trappers, stonemasons, builders, grocers, butchers and millhands all contributed to making this beautiful heritage township what it is today.

Central Highlands Council and the wider community invite you to come along and join us to commemorate the Bothwell Bicentennial. 


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Some activities and events require bookings


Bothwell Bicentennial Media Contact – N Cove – 0409 159 285