Waste Management

Waste Management

Door to Door Garbage and Recycling Collections

Domestic waste is collected weekly on Mondays in Gretna, Westerway, Fentonbury, Ellendale, and Wayatinah and on Tuesdays in Bothwell, Hamilton, Ouse & Osterley.

Recycling waste is collected fortnightly on the same day. Please click below link for dates.

Bulky Waste Collections

Bulky waste collections will be held during December 2020. Bookings are essential and strict conditions on the type of waste collected apply.

Tuesday 1st December – Great Lake, Arthurs Lake, Bradys Lake, Bronte Park & Derwent Bridge Areas;
Wednesday 2nd December – Bothwell, Hamilton, Gretna, Interlaken, Lower Marshes & Pelham Areas; and
Thursday 3rd December – Ellendale, Fentonbury, Westerway North, Osterley, Ouse, Strickland & Wayatinah Areas.


• All collections must be booked in by contacting the Development & Environmental Services Office on 6259 5503 or email development@centralhighlands.tas.gov.au four (4) days prior to collection day.

• Articles must be placed on the roadside by 6.00am on the collection day.

• All containers will be regarded as clean up articles and will be taken.

• All articles must not exceed 1.5 metres in length and must be capable of being lifted by two persons only.

• All waste must be, boxed, bagged or bundled. Large crates or rubbish bins are not to be used.

• Trees and/or shrubs should have trunks no greater than 10cm in diameter, be approximately 1.5m in length and be tied in neat bundles to allow handling by two persons.

• The total waste volume put out for collection must not exceed two cubic metres (approximately 1.5m x 1.5m) per household.

• Bricks, rocks, concrete, tyres or refrigerator units will not be collected.

• Dangerous items such as broken glass and asbestos, any liquids such as pesticides, herbicides, paint or other chemicals will not be collected.

Please note items not complying with the above conditions will not be collected

Waste Management Centres

– These are located at Hamilton, Bothwell, Miena and Bronte Park.
– Entrance to all sites is FREE for Residents/Ratepayers on the production of a tip pass (issued with rates), excluding trucks and disposal of tyres. Please click below link for fee schedule.

Hamilton Opening Hours

Hamilton Daylight Saving Time Remainder of Year
Monday 2pm-6pm 2pm-4pm
Friday 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm
Saturday 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm
Sunday 2pm-6pm 2pm-5pm


Bothwell Opening Hours

Bothwell Daylight Saving Time Remainder of Year
Wednesday 2pm-4pm 2pm-4pm
Saturday 11am-3pm 11am-1pm
Sunday 2pm-6pm 2pm-4pm


Miena Opening Hours

Miena Daylight Saving Time Remainder of Year
Wednesday 1pm-4pm 1pm-3pm
Saturday 1pm-4pm 1pm-3pm
Sunday 9am-12pm 10am-12pm
Monday Public Holidays 2pm-5pm 2pm-5pm


Bronte Park Opening Hours

Bronte Park Daylight Saving Time Remainder of Year
Wednesday 9am-12pm 10am-12pm
Saturday 8am-1pm 10am-1pm
Sunday 1pm-4pm 1pm-3pm
Monday Public Holidays 2pm-5pm 2pm-5pm



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About the drumMUSTER program
The drumMUSTER program collects and recycles eligible, pre-cleaned agricultural and veterinary chemical containers. Once the containers have been collected, they are recycled into re-usable products such as wheelie bins, road signs, fence posts and bollards.

The drumMUSTER service benefits both the user, the environment, industry and the wider community by providing a reliable, cost effective and sustainable option for the recycling of empty eligible agvet chemical containers.

Collection Sites
There are two collections sites located within the Central Highlands municipal area as follows:
• Hamilton Refuse Disposal Site, Mount Road, Hamilton; and
• Bothwell Waste Transfer Station, 1755 Highland Lakes Road, Bothwell

Bookings are essential and all disposals must be booked in by contacting the Development & Environmental Services Office on 6259 5503

Cleanliness Standards – the drumMUSTER Standard
Inspection of containers at collection points is necessary to ensure that containers can be safely recycled.
• There must be no chemical residue on the inside or the outside of the container, including the thread and cap. If there is any chemical residue visible when delivering your containers these drums will be rejected.
• After rinsing your chemical container it should be left to dry with the cap off which will aid in the drying process.
• The threads of the container opening must be free of residue and although the cap should not be replaced on the container, it may be brought separately to the collection if clean.
• Your container should have the labels on to provide inspectors with identification of the container being handled.
• A signed statement by the farmer or chemical user at the point of the collection provides drumMUSTER with evidence that the container has been rinsed.
• If your container is rejected, the inspector will request that your container is taken home, properly cleaned and returned for recycling in your next delivery.
• When rinsing the chemical container use the rinsate to make up an application of the same chemical according to the products label recommendations.

For more information please visit the drumMUSTER website www.drummuster.com.au