Noise Nuisance

Lodging a noise concern

If you believe that any neighbourhood sounds have become unreasonable noise, you can lodge a noise concern.

The resolution of any noise nuisance may not be a simple open and shut case and may be a time consuming process. All noise concerns are investigated on a case by case basis and action is taken based on evidence.

To decide what is ‘unreasonable, our Environmental Health Officer needs enough information to decide if an average person would consider the situation unreasonable. ‘Unreasonable’ must be an objective assessment, and be based on the point of view of the average person and not just the opinion of the person complaining.

If you are troubled by noise, we suggest that you keep a diary to provide information about the issue. The diary should keep a record of:

  • *  the type of noise
  • the dates it is emitted (while you are home)
  • the time it begins and ends
  • how long it lasts
  • where it is heard (such as out in the garden or in the lounge room over the television)
  • how it affects you.

Before reporting the issue, consider the following:

  • What happened? Be prepared to describe the noise in as much detail as you can.
  • Where did it happen? It is always helpful to know where the noise is occurring. If you don’t know the exact address, the cross      streets and other landmarks are very important.
  • When did it happen? Please report the issue as soon as possible.

You can lodge a noise concern by completing the form below.

* Noise Nuisance Form