Welcome To The Central Highlands

The Heart of Tasmania


The Central Highlands covers 8,010 sq km, or 12 per cent of Tasmania’s land mass, and is home to disparate, but thriving communities.



It has a permanent population of 2,216 and 3,700 ratepayers, many of whom own shacks in the communities around the region’s numerous spectacular lakes and mountains.

The Central Highlands boasts glorious scenery and dramatic built heritage dating back to the early 19th century. It is the birthplace of Tasmania’s Hydro-Electric power system and home to the best trout fishing in the southern hemisphere.

Our region is host to a World Heritage Area, two national parks and other Wilderness Conservation Areas, to Tasmania’s recreational fly fishing, hunting and bushwalking communities, and has strong agricultural, horticultural and tourism industries.




Central Highlands Council is in the process of preparing structure plans for Bothwell, Hamilton and Ouse.

These plans will guide the future development of these towns and we would welcome your ideas. Some questions to consider might include:

  • ⦿  Where should new housing areas be?
  • ⦿  Do we have enough recreation and open space areas?
  • ⦿  Are our towns easy to walk around?

We want YOU to tell us what you love about Bothwell, Hamilton and Ouse, and what the towns should look like in the future.


By following this link –  https://iwjzmoen31i.typeform.com/to/w9ilxytU

Or scanning the QR Code below: