Festival Program

The wee bus is home / it’s no wonder the sun is out bright and shiny with hardly a cloud or drop of rain in sight.

The Bothwell Bicentennial Festival organising team have been hard at work to bring you a wonderful festival to nudge your sense of time.

Program here, plan your weekend!

The committee have aimed to have a mix of guided and self-guided tours as well as workshops; some free and some requiring guests to purchase, covering all aspects of the history of Bothwell.

Attendees are encouraged to embrace the “romanticism of the 1820’s period” and dress the part.

The event will run over two days, to reduce double ups in the program and allow you to attend more of the program. A speaker’s program and a human library have both been included, with the speaker’s program hosted by Jane Longhurst.

Download our quick program guide to the festival  AT A GLANCE HERE.

We are working on delivering a COVID safe, family friendly and inclusive event, with something for everyone.

Whether you are visiting or local it’s everyone’s shared responsibility to follow COVID guidelines. For the most up-to-date information on guidelines click here.