Cemetery Fees

Land $483
Grave Digging
*Single Depth
*Double Depth

Re-Opening Grave for 2nd Internment $589
Headstone with Rose Bowl (Lawn Cemetery) $493
Headstone with Rose Bowl (Old Section of Cemetery) $986
Ashes Wall $160
Attaching Plaque to Headstone $59
Burial of Ashes $160
Plaques (order forms available upon request) Cost Price + 10%
All fees are GST inclusive. For further information, call the Bothwell office on (03) 6259 5503 or Fax (03) 6259 5722.

Hall Hire – Hamilton and Bothwell

Private Function* Hamilton – $150
Bothwell – $160
Commercial Use* $429
Meeting – Non local groups $76
Supper Room/Kitchen Only 50% of above fees
Supper Room/Kitchen Only 50% of above fees
Church Function
Fundraising for Local Facilities
Meetings – Local Groups
Local Schools
No Charge
*Please note: All halls now require a $250.00 refundable deposit for Private & Commercial functions. Any broken or missing items will be deducted.

Equipment Hire

Chairs $1.20 per chair per night
Trestle $3.50 per trestle per night
*Please note: All chairs & trestles require a $50 or 50% refundable deposit, whichever is greater. Deposit will be refunded after inspection.
White crockery $2.20 per setting. $100 refundable deposit

Recreation Ground Hire

Sporting Clubs (Seasonal Hire) $268
Other users $257 Daily/Weekend
Part use of facilities $107

Truck Wash – Hamilton and Bothwell

Local resident $21
Non local $27
Annual User $184
Please note all prices include GST

Water Sales

$2.00 /kilolitre or part thereof, including GST.


Size Type <50 >50
A4 Single Sided $0.15 $0.10
A4 Double Sided $0.20 $0.15
A3 Single Sided $0.25 $0.20
A3 Double Sided $0.30 $0.25
A4 Coloured (per side) $1.20
Provide own paper (in multiples of 5 or part thereof)
Single Sided $0.15
Double Sided $0.25
Please note all prices include GST



Size Each Location Each
A4 $3.00
A3 $5.90 Within Australia $1.80
International As per listed Telstra charge plus 10% admin charge plus 10% GST
Please note all prices include GST