Public Notices


Notice is hereby given that an application has been made for planning approval for the following development:

Applicant Wild Drake Pty Ltd
Location Halls Island, Lake Malbena, Walls of Jerusalem National Park
Proposal DA 2018/50 – Visitor Accommodation (Standing Camp)

The relevant documents will be available for inspection at the Council Office at 19 Alexander Street, Bothwell and 6 Tarleton Street, Hamilton during normal office hours or from the links below until 4 February 2019.

Application documents

1. Application form, title and Crown consent

2. Planning Assessment Report

3. DA Plans

4. Halls Island Maps

5. Additional supporting information

6. Aboriginal Heritage

7. Supplementary information

8. PWS Reserve Activity Assessment and related documents

9. EPBC referral and decision

10. Flora and Fauna Assessment

Any person may make representation in relation to the proposal in writing addressed to the General Manager, 19 Alexander Street, Bothwell 7030 or by email to and will be received no later than 5.00pm on 4 February 2019.



Expected Delays on Waddamana Road

Due to the works that are currently being undertaken by Gradco to improve Waddamana Road for the Cattle Hill Wind Farm, please be advised that there may be some expected delays when travelling this road. We appreciate your patience with this matter.

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