* Pelham Road Closure


As most people are aware there is a major soil and rock slip originating high up on the top slope off Pelham Road. It was initiated by bushfires that burnt all the vegetation and large trees back in 2020 followed by ongoing rainfall that continued annually and most recently for weeks.

Council has engaged expert consultants in regards to a methodology on the logistics of repairing the slip. Because of the difficulty of the works to be undertaken to make it safe for all road users, the road may be closed for two to three months. One options would have been to temporarily open the old road but that failed as the road pavement is cracking and starting to fall away on the embankment side, there is no guard rail along the very steep high long embankments and it is non-compliant with any road standard.

Ambulance Tasmania, Tasmania Fire Service and Tasmania Police have all been notified of the closure.

Council apologises for any inconvenience caused but public safety is Council’s main priority, and the road will not be re-opened until it is safe to do so.