* Development Applications as Advertised in the Mercury Newspaper on 30 June 2020


Notice is hereby given that applications have been made to Council under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 for the use or development of land as follows:

Location: 34 Johnsons Road, Miena
Proposal: DA 2020/34 – Dwelling and Outbuilding

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    Location: 644 Lower Marshes Road, Apsley
    Proposal: DA 2020/33 – Resource Processing (Change of Use – Farm Shed to Distillery)

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    The relevant documents may be viewed by clicking on the links above or by contacting the Development & Environmental Services Office (03 6259 5503) during normal office hours until 14 July 2020. Any person may make representations to the proposal by letter addressed to the General Manager, 19 Alexander Street, Bothwell 7030, or by electronic mail to kbradburn@centralhighlands.tas.gov.au and will be received no later than 5.00pm on 14 July 2020.

    Lyn Eyles, General Manager