Japanese Do Their Homework

Japanese anglers are a prime target market for trout guide Christopher Bassano who earlier this year flew there to promote the Highlands fisheries.

Christopher, a winner of international fly fishing competitions, who is in his 20th year of trout guiding, has been to Japan demonstrating fly tying, fishing and singing the praises of the unique qualities of the Highlands lakes and the region as a whole.

Vice-president of the Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania, Christopher is proactive in promotion to international markets and believes the potential for the Highlands is enormous.

There is clearly an increase in the visitation of the Japanese to the Central Highlands. The Japanese do their research and don’t rush into things. They are ultra-cautious but the more they see of the potential the more keen they are,” said Christopher.

“The most well-known fishing photographer in Japan, Ken Tsurusaki, author of ‘The Great World of Fly Fishing’, said Tasmania was the most amazing place he had fished.

“He called it ‘shark fishing’ on Great Lake and thinks Tasmania is the best in the world for fly fishing.”

Christopher added that fly fishing in a beautiful destination in fresh air where trout only live in clean water, was a major attraction to the Japanese and other international visitors.

“It’s important we crack the international market and tell anglers Tasmania is better than New Zealand, its fishing is better and they can catch large fish they would never see or catch in New Zealand.

“We need to tell overseas anglers it’s just plain silly not to come here to the Highlands,” he said.