Highland Lakes Road sealing to continue

The Liberal Government has committed a further $4 million to continue sealing of the Highland Lakes Road over the next four years.

The project funding, which Mr Rene Hidding MP was pleased to confirm in a meeting with Central Highlands Mayor Deirdre Flint OAM last week, will ensure the progressive upgrade of the road between Miena and Liawenee will continue.

The sealing project will be funded over forward estimates and will deliver on the Liberals’ pre-election commitment to continue sealing the strategically important road.

This work will seal a long stretch of the road along the western side of Great Lake, delivering safety and efficiency benefits for up to 400 drivers who travel on the road each day.

Once the sealing project is completed, only about 10 kilometres will remain
unsealed between Liawenee and Brandum and a further 1.6 kilometres at Haulage Hill.

This section of the Highland Lakes Road to undergo sealing is also referred to as the Lakes Secondary Road and links the Southern and Northern Midlands via the Central Highlands, running between Deloraine and Melton Mowbray.

It is a key link for residents of the Central Highlands and for shack owners, anglers, and travellers seeking an alternative north-south route to the Midland Highway.